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Penetrant Testing (PT)

Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT)

Penetrant examination is an effective and relatively low-cost method for locating surface-breaking defects on clean, fairly smooth, nonporous surfaces. Penetrant testing is widely used to detect surface-breaking flaws in both ferrous and nonferrous materials. A liquid penetrant examination is a testing method that supplement visual inspection, revealing defects that would be invisible or difficult to detect by the naked eye. It can be used both on-site or in a laboratory application with either color contrast or fluorescent techniques. In the laboratory, it is particularly suitable for the inspection of batch quantities of machined parts.

Penetrant examination reveals surface-breaking flaws in the form of bleed out of a visible or fluorescent dye. The technique is based on the ability of a liquid penetrant to be drawn into a clean surface breaking flaw by capillary action. After a period of time, known as dwell, excess surface penetrant is removed and a developer is applied. The developer draws the penetrant from the flaw to reveal its presence and produce a surface indication which under proper lighting conditions can be evaluated by a qualified inspector against applicable standards or per client’s specification.

At NCKEL, we utilize penetrant inspection on metallic and non-metallic specimens identifying various surface defects. Typical on-site applications include welds, castings, forgings, and structures. Our penetrant testing techniques detect the following defects:

  • Welds: cracks, porosity, undercuts, overlap, lack of fusion or lack of penetration
  • Forgings: illuminating cracks, laps or external bursts
  • Rolled products: cracks, seams or laminations
  • Castings: cold shuts, hot tears, porosity, blow holes or shrinkage
  • In-service components: fatigue cracks

Advantages of Liquid Penetrant Testing Method

  • Highly sensitive method, capable of finding very fine flaws
  • Relatively easy to use
  • Fast inspection results, the surface discontinuity is detected in a single application regardless of its direction
  • Used on a wide range of material types (any nonporous material can be inspected)
  • Large areas or large volumes of parts/material can be inspected rapidly and at low cost
  • Test objects with complex geometries can be inspected easily
  • Indications are produced directly on the surface of the part providing a visual image of the anomaly
  • Portable technique especially with the use of aerosol spray consumables

Our PT equipment

We hold the following PT equipment:

  • Complete set of liquid penetrant testing equipment by MAGNAFLUX
  • LABINO UV led lamps
  • Penetrant testing test pieces and referent blocks by MAGNAFLUX
  • Liquid penetrant testing consumables and aerosols by MAGNAFLUX


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