Visual Testing (VT)


Visual inspection is by far the most common non-destructive testing (NDT) technique and is the basis for all NDT inspection programs. When attempting to determine the soundness of any part or specimen for its intended application, visual inspection is normally the first step in the examination process. Generally, almost any specimen can be visually examined to determine the accuracy of its fabrication.

Visual testing (VT) is considered to be a basic research method of NDT, which in its scope covers 100% of the object. The method involves a visual check with the unaided eye or with the use of optical instruments if on the surface of the object there are discontinuities or imperfections such as surface cracks, flooding boundary, beam spread, lack of fusion, etc.

NICKEL uses the Visual Inspection process on structures, mechanical components, welds, piping, storage tanks, pressure vessels and other hardware. Visual Testing visually checks areas to verify that they meet the applicable code or standard. Inspection may include magnification, remote optical viewing devices, and additional measurement tools.

Our VT equipment

We hold the following VT equipment:

  • 1 Remote Visual OLYMPUS IPLEX GX/GT Videoscope/Borescope
  • Digital calipers, Pit gauges, Fillet weld gauges