About Us

Nickel SL is a multi-services company foremost in providing top class facility solutions for the Oil & Gas industries and other allied companies.

Nickel SL was incorporated the year 2018 and has since then achieved overwhelming results within a short period. Our target is to become a global brand in the provision of services in the Upstream, mainstream and downstream sectors of the Oil and Gas industries in Equatorial Guinea and beyond.

Our strength will rely on our modem use of equipment, standards and quality service delivery at all times.

All the IOC's that are seeking for a dependable and reliable service company will be rest assured that Nickel SL is the right company to deal with in solving their various problems that are related to our area of core competencies.


To be the best in our core area of competence and a top-class facility integrity service company


Relentless pursuit of excellence within the industry, and also showing a positive difference to our clients.


Total quality management, commitment to safe operations, expertise, integrity, customer-centric service provision

Business Goals and Objectives

Our major goal is to have a healthy and successful company that is leading in customer service and that has a loyal customer following. However, achieving our annual sales target and some specific measures of customer satisfaction will be a plus on the road to this growth.

Growth Strategy

  • To grow our core business services and maintains a leadership position in the provision of services for the entire value chain of Oil and gas operations.
  • To develop and exploit our local engineering capability and become the undisputed solutions provider and a leader in the provision of facility integrity management services.
  • To continue to expand our capability to serve other neighboring markets with a full range of services.
  • To develop our employees into the most professional and fully committed team in the industry.